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Nepal remained a closed book for centuries.
This legendary country, stuck between two giants, has been a mythical crossroads on the Great Silk Road.

Buddha’s birth country will undoubtedly seduce you, and the people will absolutely enchant you.
Situated in the Himalayan range, Nepal is nicknamed « Top of the World » and is a paradise on Earth for trekkers. Its rich cultural heritage offers unique monuments, and 7 sites of the Kathmandu valley were inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
Nepal is a great variety of ethnic groups, languages and landscapes, from the highest mountains in the world to the Kipling jungle, and is obviously the ultimate land of trekking.

General information

To see, to do : Culture, Adventure, Trekking

• Hundreds of temples in the Kathmandu valley, the Bodnath Stupa, the imperial cities of Patan and Bhaktapur, the Kathmandu Durbar Square and many other gorgeous sites, where Hinduism and Buddhism rub shoulders with each other.
• Many choices of trekkings and hikings on the Everest mountain, Annapurna or Langtang’s ranges, but also in the Dolpo or the Mustang region which can be combined with a trekking peak (between 6000 and 6500 m) or even an expedition to climb up the Nepalese 8000m.
• Thanks to the Great Himalayan Trail which crosses the country from East to West, a brand new range of destinations opened up to trekking and hiking in order to be out of the most frequently visited areas, with for instance the Ilam trek or the Ganesh Himal.
• Nepal is also synonym of adventure : bungee jumping, mountain biking in Mustang, elephant rides in the jungle, rafting on the highest rivers in the world, meditation or yoga trekkings, and many other ideas to make up together !


Nepal is easily accessible. Travelling in group or alone is possible, and the Visa can be obtained in the Nepalese embassy of your own country or even at your arrival in Kathmandu


Nepal has many different climates, which can change with altitude. The Teraï region in the south is a tropical area, while the valley is more temperate and the mountains have a polar climate.
October to April is a dry and sunny season, and the rest of the year is monsoon season.

Means of transport to travel to Nepal

Numerous airlines from India, Malaysia, or Gulf countries offer the possibility to reach Kathmandu by flight. You can also travel by train and bus/car from India and Lhassa (Tibet).


Base Camp Trek is a French and English-speaking agency based in Kathmandu, specialized in tailor-made cultural and trekking tours in Népal, Tibet, Bhoutan and Ladakh-Zanskar.  Base Camp Trek is well known for the excellent quality of it guides and field teams.

Our 20 perfectly trained French and English-speaking guides will make your Himalayan experience a memorable success, from Kipling’s jungle to the best trekking areas of the world, or from the dzongs of Bhutan to the Kathmandu valley, in complete safety and care for the environment. 

The Way of the White Clouds

A book of Lama Govinda in the Mount Kailash region - Ed Albin Michel

Lama Govinda was the last Western to visit Mount Kailash region in 1948 before the closure of borders. Buddhist monk and a pilgrim as he defines himself, he was fascinated by the mountain as he describes in his book "The way of the white clouds": "some mountains are only mountains but others have a personality and thus the power to influence men. "These sacred mountains, "the greatest of all, since the beginning of time, was and remains the Mount Kailash"
Mount Kailash is identified with Mount Meru, the axial mountain of Hindu and Buddhist cosmology from which spring the four great rivers of the subcontinent: the Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej and the Ganges.

For Tibetans, the goal is to perform the pilgrimage ritual the way cicumanbule the mountain. Some will carry the day and browsing some fifty prostrating themselves at every step, for days, as if they wanted to marry the mountain to feel at one with her ...

Who are we?

Jerome Edou: co-founder of Base Camp Trekking.

Resident in Nepal for 25 years, traveler, and writer tibetologist.
He has published "Tibet, wind horses," an introduction to Tibetan culture authoritative and writes for the magazine "Trek Magazine". He is also founder of the network of Francophone DMCs worldwide www.voyages-receptifs.com

Rashmi Tamot: co-founder of Base Camp Trekking.

Nepali speaking, Rashmi studied in France for several years and worked for 15 years in tourism. It is she who is responsible for the daily management of the agency.


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