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Located in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe. The crossroads between East and West, Europe and Asia, a land rich in culture and ancient traditions such as the Thracians, Slavs, and Romans, Bulgaria impresses with a unique identity, peace, and understanding of ethnic groups and cultures.

Bulgaria is a great destination for unique cultural and natural trips, has lots of well-preserved nature, is an ideal destination for rural tourism, and offers close contact with the local population, visits to picturesque villages and excellent opportunities for spa tourism.

A warm welcome, traditional cuisine, and great local wines contribute to the wonderful experience of the country. Whether it’s an individual trip with family, with friends, or a group, Bulgaria offers a variety of different options and tours for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to Bulgaria! Dobre Doshli v Bulgaria !

General information

Bulgaria is 1 hour ahead of Great Britain. The electrical grid runs on 220V.

Work hours
Shops and government services work similar hours to the UK.

Post offices are relatively widespread, especially in the central cities and towns. They are open every day of the week and Saturday mornings.


  • To call from the UK to Bulgaria, dial 00359, then the number you wish to reach without the initial 0.
  • To call from the US to Bulgaria, dial 011359, then the number you wish to reach without the initial 0.
  • To call from Bulgaria to a local number, dial the number you wish to reach without the country code.
  • If you want to call the UK from Bulgaria, dial 0044, then the number you wish to reach without the initial 0.
  • If you want to call the US from Bulgaria, dial 001, followed by the area code of the city you wish to reach, and then the number you wish to reach.

Internet is fairly widespread in Bulgaria, with the exception of some remote villages and monasteries.

The currency of Bulgaria is the lev (plural – leva). One lev is worth 0.52 Euros and 0.51 dollars. Prices are written and paid in leva. Banks have similar work hours to the UK and have ATMS.

Currency exchanges
Currency exchanges are widespread and have more flexible working hours.

Debit and credit cards
If you pay for your trip by card, it is possible to use some options included in your package of banking services. Check with your bank consultant to explore in detail the capabilities of your card.
The use of cards is becoming more widespread in Bulgaria, with more and more places excepting payment by card. There are still some exceptions in small settlements.

The official language is Bulgarian, and the Cyrillic alphabet is used. Russian was long considered a second official language, but there is currently a serious drop-off in its study and practice. Turkish is used by the Muslim community in Bulgaria. English is considered to be the most used foreign language, especially in tourist areas, mainly along the Black Sea, where there is also many German speakers. Some of the older citizens of cities that had/have French schools still remember some of their French studies.

Almost the entire population of Bulgaria professes Orthodox Christianity. Muslims have mosques for worship. The third ethnic population is the Gypsies, also called Roma. It is believed that their population exceeds 10 million, with the majority concentrated in the Balkans. Some of them are Christians, and others Muslims. Jews and Catholics are a small minority of the population.


Identification card
A valid identification card or passport is required for entry into Bulgaria. If during your trip you have to go through countries outside of the European Union, you will need a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after the end date of your trip) and possibly visas. Check in advance with the embassies of the countries you will be visiting.

Driver’s license
EU licenses are valid in Bulgaria. If you intend to travel with your own car, you will need a car registration document for the vehicle and a green card for Bulgaria, so your insurance will be valid in case of an accident. Unless noted, contact your insurance provider. It is also possible to acquire insurance at the border. You will need to pay taxes for access to the road network at the border.


SPRING - This is without a doubt the most favorable season of the year to discover Bulgaria. The temperature is pleasant, the nature comes to life with greenery and flowers, and the small number of tourists will allow you to enjoy the authenticity of Bulgarian villages nestled in picturesque mountain regions.

SUMMER - The beautiful beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and high water temperatures that exceed 25° in certain periods are the main attractions for tourists during this season. The mountains are the other main attraction during this season, for those who want a little cooler weather, peace and privacy. The combined sea and mountain trips are gaining in popularity.

FALL  - A season filled with a melancholy charm, yet with a pleasant climate and nature, which is trying to fend off the approaching winter. This will give a different ambience to your trip, and the wealth of the country is still available during this period.

WINTER - Bulgaria is a relatively mountainous country, wrapped in a snowy mantle during the winter months, to the great pleasure of winter sports lovers. After a day on the slopes, you can have an evening by the fireplace, a moment of pleasure and delight that will give your experience some more emotion and authenticity.

How to get there?

You can use any means of transportation to get to Bulgaria. Your choice depends mainly on several criteria such as a budget, time available, family situation and others.

By plane
The main European airlines provide access to the country, with traffic being heavier at the Sofia airport compared to Varna and Burgas. This is the best way to get to Bulgaria.

By Bus
Various bus companies provide transport to Bulgaria. The most commonly used is Eurolines (www.Eurolines.co.uk). Cost and convenience are the main advantages of travelling by bus. On the other hand, the travel time is significant, which will limit your free time in the country.

By train
There is no direct links between the UK and Bulgaria. Multiple transfers will be required, as well as a travel time of over 50 hours, for a relatively high price.

By car
The UK is about 2500 kilometers from Bulgaria. You will have to put the car on a ferry to continental Europe. From there it will be around 20 hours of travel on the expressway, depending on the amount of traffic (outbound heavily congested during July-August, inbound heavily congested during August-September) and weather conditions. Check the traffic and repair situations of the period in which you plan to leave in advance.

Some words from Balkania Team

Take advantage and discover the last destination untouched by mass tourism in the European Union, offering excellent and economical travel conditions. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Bulgarian people, proud of their origins and traditions, and despite modern development have managed to keep their folklore, spirit, and rich culture alive.



Balkania Tour is an receptive Bulgarian travel agency, born of a desire to make you discover this part of Europe with an original approach.
A passion for travel, history and human relations, has led us to imagine our own routes and create your own depending on the sensitivity of each to make a unique trip that suits you. Each team member brings a strong contribution to the building of the society in order to promote our vision of the measure travel. More than men, Balkania Tour is an idea, a philosophy.


We are present to ROMANIA

Discovery / Culture
8 days
From 0 €

We offer a surprising discovery of Bulgaria, mixing culture and traditions, nature and rural life, well-being and lifestyle, an immersion in the heart of the Balkans. Through its land at the crossroads of the East and the West, you will discover the different civilizations that have punctuated its history, enjoy a preserved natural environment, enjoy meals in taverns in the image of the people rich and user friendly. Above all, it is the meeting of a people endearing and authentic, filled with folklore and traditions perennial fill with wonder you.



Discovery / Culture
10 days
From 0 €

Kazanlak, situated in the heart of Bulgaria celebrates the rose in a colorful festival, and perfumes. The perfect opportunity to discover the Valley of Roses, which is the pride of the Balkan country, No. 1 worldwide for gasoline production of this flower. Cute, heading Kazanlak to see the roses !


Discovery / Culture
8 days
From 0 €

We invite you for a week to discover the great cultural and natural diversity of Bulgaria. With a nice balance of destinations, focusing mainly on the Balkan region, the trip will allow you to get some insight into the country and its wealth.
The route can also be viewed as a basis, which can change depending on your available time. You can fill it out with some nights in the south, and visits to the Rila Monastery and the Rhodope Mountains. In the east you can spend time on the Black Sea coast and its beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, and to the north is the little-known, but no less interesting Danube region.