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Albania is a country of contrasts.
It has also been in the intersection of European civilizations. Year 1945 has marked the beginning of forty fierce years of communist dictatorship that is estimated as the harshest communism of all times, under the control of EnverHoxha. It's finally in 1992 that Albania gets to discover the sense of democracy and liberty, even though the way of this small country to a real democratic form of regime is still not achieved.

In Albania there are high mountains as well as wild creeks. It is a touristic destination still unknown and with a lot of surprises for the visitors.
Even though it is located in the center of the Balkan it is unique not only because of its climate, but also because of its history.
Often it is named as “The last secret of Europe”.

Albania is a country which offers a great natural and cultural diversity. While discovering this country you will be able to find a region similar to the one in Belgium and a biodiversity as rich as the French one. From the untamed mountains in the North to the profound nature in the South you will be in touch with a culture and a lifestyle different from any other you may have experienced. Albania is a country that must be visited and this is evidenced by the archeological sites, hiking in the mountains, visits in the city museums etc. We also make possible for you to be in contact with the inhabitants of the regions that will be visited, so that you can have a clear idea of what is like to live in this country.

General Information

Identity Card: Albania’s surface is 28 748 km2 and its population is about 3 million people 1/3 of which lives in Tirana, the capital city of Albania.

Language: Albanian. The Latin alphabet is used.

Location: On the border with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. Because of its coast in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Albania is also a neighbor country with Italy and the Greek island of Corfu, located in front of Saranda in the south.

Currency: The currency in Albania is “Lek” and the smallest unit is 1 lek. The exchange rate in summer 2014 was:

  • 1lek = 0.0007 Eu / 0.008 CHF
  • 1 Eu = 140 Lek
  • 1 CHF = 115 Lek

It is very rare to pay with a credit card in Albania, other than in the big hotels and restaurants in the capital. In the other cities, it is needed money in cash, but there are always banks or currency exchange offices in big and small cities. Travelers’ checks are not accepted as a payment method anymore.

Health: There isn’t any special vaccine needed.

  • From France to Albania => (00) +355… 
  • From Albania to France => (00) +33…

Local time: There is not a time difference between France and Albania (GMT +1)

Electric Power: 220 Volts

Documents needed to visit Albania

For European Union citizens it isn’t required a Visa unless they are staying for a period shorter than 90 days. You can enter Albania with a valid passport or with a valid ID Card. If you plan to stay longer than three months, obtaining the Visa is mandatory.


Albania has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by a dry summer period and a relatively short and humid winter period. However, because of the high average altitude of the country (708 meters above sea level, almost twice higher than the European average), there is in Albania a wide range of microclimates. In certain mountainous areas for example, the snow precipitations are normal and the snow layer can last for months.

The temperatures in the South can reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 °F). The minimum temperatures are around -5 / -10°C (23 to 14°F). Albania enjoys approximately 270 up to 300 of sunny days, meaning 5 months of touristic season. It is better to travel to Albania from the beginning of the month of May until the end of October. During this period it doesn’t rain a lot and it is also possible to bath in the sea in the south of Albania.

Flights and other means for travelling to Albania

The best way to travel to Albania is by plane, through the “Mother Therese” Airport in Tirana (the only airport of the country). There isn’t a direct flight from France to Albania, so you will have to pass from Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia or rarely from Turkey or Greece. It is possible to arrive in Albania overland through Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece and Kosovo – unless you didn’t travel from Serbia –, or by the sea from the port of Durres, Vlore and Saranda. From these three ports it is possible to travel to Italy and from the port of Saranda it is possible to find ferryboats to Corfu.



Give me your big 5's (if not more...)
The five reasons why you may choose Ecotour Albania as your next eco-responsible holiday organizer.

  1. Ecotour Albania is a travel agency composed of young mates from different backgrounds, but all specialized in the tourism field and gathered around the wish of preserving the touristic potential of our country. Contact us and we'll prepare something, sticking to your needs and envies.
  2. Our objectives are strongly connected to our philosophy of responsibility, profesionnalism and sustainability.
  3. The passion that animates our offices and Ecotour guides is fed by a strong desire to open our country to other world citizens, such as we are through our knowledge of the Balkans and the respect we hold for this area of the planet.
  4. One of Ecotour's missions is to proceed to a fair share among all of the local agents implied into the tours we organize, of the goods stemming from the tours we organize. There are no small or big role in there, each of the partners we deal with are included into a respectful process where everyone gets an equal share.
  5. Finally, you too may take part in this sustainable process and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of Albania through the patronage of Ecotour and our local development and reseach programs.
  6. Bring it on, we're ready for you.